HumiFresh® Hybrid 200 - Whole Home Ventilation and Energy Recovery System and Hybrid 200 App

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  • All-season, all-climate, moisture control and air exchanging Energy/Heat Recovery Ventilation (ERV-HRV) unit
  • Smart technology - intelligent software makes it simple to “set and forget”
  • Energy-efficient - 3 powerful motors consume less than a 100-watt light bulb
The quality of air in the home is very important and helps us breathe better.
The HumiFresh® Hybrid 200 is an all-season, all-climate humidity-control and air exchanging Energy Recovery Ventilation + Heat Recovery Ventilation (ERV and HRV) unit.

From basement to bedroom, and everywhere in between, we have a whole home ventilation system that covers all of your needs. The HumiFresh® Hybrid 200 is a very innovative Energy/Heat Recovery Ventilation (ERV + HRV) model that controls humidity and exchanges air, providing you with better air quality.

Discover the double hybrid core difference
  • The only dual-core combined ventilation system available on the market, HumiFresh® Hybrid 200 features both an ERV and an HRV core. The use of two independent cores in one product allows our system to do so much more.

Your HumiFresh® Hybrid 200 Whole Home Ventilation System will:
  • Create more livable space in a safer and healthier living environment
  • Expand usable living and storage space, effortlessly and inexpensively
  • Eliminate current problems by expelling toxins, pollutants, and bad odors
  • Prevent potential structural issues caused by excess moisture, mold & mildew, and termite infestation
  • Reduce humidity-related damage to the building, furnishings, and equipment
  • Stop condensation or ice build-up on windows, sills, walls, and pipes, upstairs or down
  • A whole-home solution takes care of the entire home, from the bottom up to the top
  • Unique non-condensing cores - no water to drain & free of maintenance
  • Smart technology – intelligent software makes it simple to “set and forget”
  • Energy efficient – 3 powerful motors consume less than a 100 W light bulb
  • Environmentally friendly – can help you meet or exceed green building codes
  • All season, all climate, four-season solution without changing cores

An innovative all-season, all-climate system servicing the whole house, from the foundation to the top floor
  • Combination System featuring both an ERV core and an HRV core
  • Up to 71% Sensible Recovery Efficiency
  • Up to 80% Apparent Sensible Effectiveness
  • Up to 55% Total Recovery Efficiency
  • 4 speeds (Low, Medium, Intermediate, High) changeable with a mobile application
  • Filters: Cleanable polyester air filter with easy access.
  • Defrost: Processor controlled balanced frost prevention system

The only design of its kind on the market, it features both an ERV core and an HRV core, a combined system that does so much more.

ERV core. This Energy Recovery Ventilation core continually sends stale, damp air, and toxins to the outside without wasting heating or cooling dollars. In cooling seasons, it prevents the humidity from coming into the home, while keeping the air cool and fresh. In heating season, the process is reversed, humidity levels remain comfortable but not too dry, and the heat is retained inside.

HRV core. Dedicated solely to the basement and/or crawlspace, the Heat Recovery Ventilation core raises the downstairs temperature by recycling the warm air from upstairs. This eliminates the principal cause of dampness, mustiness, and mold build-up.

The Science Behind Our System
HOUSEh 200 with labels and arrows       

The Hybrid200 App Grants 24/7 Unlimited Access to:       

  • Your settings & controls (relative Humidity, fan speed, etc.)
  • Your real-time unit conditions (relative humidity, temperature, air pressure)
  • Your local weather
  • Your unit registration


The Hybrid200 App Can:

  • Change the fan speed by the user remotely and in real time
  • Display the humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure inside and outside the house detected by the HumiFresh® unit
  • Automatically change the operating mode of the unit according to the season (Winter/Summer)
  • Send alerts in case of high temperature (fire detection)

The HumiFresh® Unit:

  • Changethe operating mode automatically according to the four parameters:Humidity, temperature, pressure, and fan speed chosen by the user.
  • Automatic firmware updates are available.
  • An automatic transition between 32 fan speeds depending on the parameters measured by the smart sensors and the mode chosen by the user (“Low”, “Medium”, “Intermediate” and “High.”)


Technical specifications
Surface area
up to 3200 sq ft
Control unit
Air flow
50 to 120 CFM
Adjustable height
ERV-HRV Air Exchanger
Installation area
Basement or crawlspace
27” W x 22” H x 10” D
80 lbs
25 W low / 94 W max / 120v @ 60 Hz Compatible with 220 V @ 50 HZ (input of power supply)
Equiped with a carbon monoxyde detector
5 year Limited - 2 Year Electrical & Electronics