• Proud to introduce the new HumiFresh® Hybrid 200, the whole home ventilation both Heat and Energy Recovery System.

    This is the unique dual cores combined system has ERV and HRV altogether! IoT App is also available for better control and comfort. Launch in March 2023.

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 Control your indoor air quality from home or remotely.
There are many benefits to using the myHome unit: it eliminates unpleasant odors, reduces humidity, protects against mold, detects and expels carbon monoxide. The application allows you to adjust settings and controls, monitor unit conditions in real time, check the weather forecast and fill out the warranty card.

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How can indoor air quality be improved, so that you may fully enjoy your home?
Just like human being, houses will present symptoms that help us diagnose when an appropriate mechanical ventilation system is needed. The main problems to diagnose are excess infiltration (through walls or ducts), inadequate air exchange (too little ventilation), and excess moisture.

Often, excess moisture speaks for itself. If you see condensation, mold, or excessive ice build-up, you know you have a problem. (See the section “Control moisture.”)
When they first move in, home owners tend to enjoy their pleasant new dwelling, yet quite often by the second year they experience phenomena such as excess moisture, musty moldy odors, and allergic reactions to indoor air contaminants. As the seasons change, humidity issues that lead to damp uncomfortable basements & crawlspaces, or even window condensation upstairs, can become apparent.
Whether you are looking to increase your property's appraisal value with a view to a sale, or you just want to improve your living space, getting started on home improvements can be a daunting prospect.
warrantyHumidex offers a 5-year limited warranty.

All humidity control and ventilation systems come with a warranty card that can be filled out online.

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Peace of mind – guaranteed!

From installation to parts replacement, every Humidex® unit is backed by highly responsive service from our team.

Our services include comprehensive training for dealers and ongoing support, technical documentation, parts replacement and fulfillment of warranty terms.
Each of our humidity control and ventilation units is a “green machine” that not only produces healthy air in your home, but also protects the environment by using 10x less electricity than a standard dehumidifier.

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Dorothy LeBlanc

"No water to empty!"
Our humidity control and ventilation systems improve the humidity level and provide the home with healthy air, day and night, 365 days a year. They also remove stale air, pollutants and radon from your home, with very little or no maintenance, and they do it quietly, efficiently and at a low energy cost.

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